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True marriage help sometimes comes from the most unlikely places.  That is not to say you shouldn't expect to find marriage help from a couple's conference.  Rather,  revelation very often comes when you are least expecting it and in the areas you were not anticipating it would come.. 

When you attend a Weekend to Remember with your spouse, you will find that there are roles for each of you. 

Do you know what your role in your marriage relationship really is? 

Do you think you know what the role of your spouse is supposed to be? 

Would you be surprised to find out you have been completely wrong about the answer to those questions? 

Would you be shocked if you discovered the answers and toolsyou need to move your marriage into a new dimension are easily obtained when you attend this conference?

The Weekend to Remember helps you and your spouse escape the daily grind and focus on your relationship. By learning   about and applying God’s plan for a healthy marriage from our trained speakers, you and your spouse can;

  • connect with each other more intimately,
  • improve communication,
  • anticipate conflict and handle it head on,
  • draw from the experience and advice of leading marriage experts, and
  • experience marriage the way God intended it to be.

Literally tens of thousands of couples have found renewed love and in many cases completely reveresed a downward trend in their marriages after attending a Weekend to Remember.  Thousands of couples make the Weekend to Remember an annual destination to keep their relationship tuned up and purring like a kitten!

Don't take our word for it!  Read comments from among the 96% of satisfied attendees who have attended previous Weekend to Remember Get-a-ways.

We reconnected and recommitted our marriage and ministry
after an affair. God is healing our marriage of 30 years
and we will make it. WE STILL DO!" — Married 30 years

"Extremely eye opening, I feel like I have been given the answers to a test I had been failing for years." — Married 4 years

"Reminded me how special and important marriage is and
inspired me to be more determined to make our marriage
even more special and what God really desires it to be." — Married 61 years

"It has opened my view of the need for Christ to change
my heart and not the need for Christ to change my wife!" — Married 16 years

"Great tune up! I’m home on R&R from Afghanistan and attended this conference with my wife right away. With all the stress and baggage from overseas, this was a great way to start our two weeks together." — Married 15 years, Military

"This is our 4th WTR. We always discover something that has
muddied the waters of our marriage and come away with the
water clear and our commitment to each other and God renewed." — Married 9 years

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Address: 5508 El Capitan Ct.

Phone: 866.478.7439

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